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#MannequinChallenge at Moe’s Southwest Grill

When I go to a working lunch, this is what happens…..

it’s the “look back at 2016” video

As I get ready to go to Florida for a while, I present to you……  The 2016 Recap!

the crossfit project

Barrier Island Crossfit is coming to Long Beach NY… Lori and Jessica talk with A&E Builders about it…

Surfer – Will Skudin

One of the best things I worked on this year, with a great team.

Once in a lifetime…..

While filming the NYSea Surf Contest finals a storm came out of nowhere…  Thank god nobody was seriously hurt….

first whales, now this?

I was told that whales are more rare in these parts…  But then I spotted these dolphin while filming some surfing…